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Bicycle Hit and Run Accidents – Who’s at Fault?

Since most people begin bicycling as kids, it has the feel of a carefree hobby rather than an everyday form of transportation. However, cycling is subject to state regulations in Indiana. The regulations encourage orderly traffic, safety, and responsibility for risky behavior, just like with automobiles.

Your risk of injury in the event of an accident is significantly increased due to your physical exposure when riding a bicycle. This makes following safety rules essential, but no amount of personal responsibility can fully shield you from someone else’s carelessness. Unfortunately, bicycle accidents are not exactly a rare occasion.

If you are injured in a car accident while riding a bicycle, you can be entitled to compensation from the negligent party. Who pays for injuries and property damage depends on who is at fault. You can gather evidence of the losses a negligent driver caused you with the assistance of an Indianapolis bicycle accident attorney.

Indiana Bicycle Laws

According to the Central Indiana Bicycling Association, there are numerous state and local rules on the matter. The Indiana Code Title 9 Article 21, Section 2, which declares that bikers have the same rights and obligations on the road as someone driving a car, is of the utmost significance.

This essentially means that both motorists and bikes are required to adhere to the same traffic laws. When determining fault in a bicycle accident case, an Indiana personal injury attorney will use the same traffic laws that drivers must abide by. Additionally, some key bicycle laws in Indiana include the following:

  • Riders must only sit on actual bicycle seats.
  • A bicyclist cannot transport passengers unless the bicycle is equipped to do so.
  • Bicyclists cannot carry packages or objects that prevent them from keeping both hands on the handlebars.
  • Bicycles must be outfitted with front and rear deflectors.
  • Riding bicycles at dusk, dawn, or after dark requires the use of illuminated lamps.
  • Bicyclists cannot ride more than two abreast in a lane.
  • A bicycle must have functioning brakes.

Bicycle Hit-and-Run Accidents

In a standard collision where both drivers are identified and the at-fault driver’s insurance company pays damages to the injured parties, your insurance claim will be different if you were hurt in a hit-and-run. Your insurance claims could be processed by your car insurance policy if the other driver flees the scene and the police are unable to apprehend them.

Unless you declare in writing that you prefer to opt out, all auto liability plans in Indiana are required to include uninsured motorist coverage, according to the Indiana Department of Insurance (IDOI). Up to a predetermined amount, uninsured motorist coverage can pay for your medical expenses and property damage. The specifics of your policy should outline what is covered by your plan in detail.

It is ideal to record the experience as quickly as possible while it is still fresh in your memory. This can prevent you from overlooking crucial information. Your accident claim is supported by your notes, the police report, and your medical records. They will be used by your personal injury attorney for auto accidents to demonstrate your claim for damages.

Your auto insurance company could occasionally refuse to settle your claim. Even though you have consistently paid your auto insurance premiums on time, your insurance can decide to try to avoid giving you a fair settlement when you most need the insurer on your side. If you are having this issue, a hit-and-run accident attorney from the Crossen Law Firm in Indianapolis can assist you in seeking compensation by negotiating with your insurance provider on your behalf.

Recent Hit-and-Run Accidents in Indiana

On June 1, 2022, an unidentified vehicle struck a 29-year-old woman on a bicycle on S. Rural Street in south Indianapolis. The woman arrived at the hospital where she later passed from her injuries. On June 4th, a confusing series of events took place when an SUV struck a man on a bicycle in a busy intersection in Evansville. The man sustained minor injuries and received treatment at the hospital.

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