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Bicycle Wrist Pain and Other Hand Injuries from Cycling Accidents

Next to head injuries, hand and wrist injuries are also quite prevalent in bicycle accidents. These types of injury generally occur in one of two ways: 

  • If the cyclist experiences a frontal impact with their bike, the force of the impact can travel through the bike and into their hands and wrists as they grip the handlebar. 
  • The second way hand and wrist injuries occur is when a cyclist is in an accident and they put their arms out to stop themselves from falling. Unfortunately, when they do this, the force from hitting the ground and putting all that pressure on their hands and wrists can lead to severe injuries in those areas. 

Either way, no matter how the injury occurs, if another driver is responsible for the accident, you could hold them liable and file a claim to recover compensation to help you pay for your injuries and other potential damages. 

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What is the Most Common Bike Accident Hand Injury?

In general, wrist fractures are often considered one of the most common hand injuries in cycling accidents. However, the hands and wrists are made up of numerous bones, nerves, and soft tissues, and as such, many other kinds of injuries can occur when the hands and wrists experience trauma. 

  • Scaphoid fracture:  This is a common type of wrist fracture in cycling accidents. Scaphoid fractures occur when the small bone at the base of the thumb (the scaphoid) gets compressed. 
  • Palm fracture: A palm fracture is also known as a metacarpal fracture. The metacarpals are the bones that connect the wrist to the fingers. When a fracture occurs in any of these bones, it can be quite painful and even cause a deformity of a depressed knuckle. 
  • Median nerve compression: The median nerve is the primary nerve that runs through the hand and the forearm. This nerve is commonly compressed in cycling accidents, leading to nerve damage and carpal tunnel syndrome. 
  • Ulnar nerve compression: The ulnar nerve also runs from the wrist up the arm. In cycling accidents, this nerve is often compressed at the wrist or the elbow. This can lead to burning wrist pain, weakness in the hand, or a feeling of pins and needles. 
  • Bruised palm: Though not as severe, bruising is also quite common in the hands and wrists after a bicycle accident. And while most people associate bruises with the physical appearance of torn blood vessels under the skin, the muscles and bones in the hand can also get bruised without any outward physical signs. So if your palm hurts after an accident but you don’t see any injury, you may have bruised the bones or muscles in your hand or wrist. 

Can You Get Compensation for Bicycle Wrist Pain After a Cycling Accident?

The simple answer to this question is yes. If you experience wrist pain after an accident, even if there is no outward sign of an injury, you could still potentially file a claim and recover compensation. 

Not all hand and wrist injuries are immediately apparent. Some fractures, for example, might only seem like minor bruising or strains at first. It can sometimes take time for the pain and inflammation to worsen before a doctor realizes that you broke or fractured a bone. The same is true for nerve damage. 

So, if you are experiencing bicycle wrist pain or pain anywhere else in the hand after a cycling accident, do not dismiss it. The key to getting compensation for these kinds of injuries is to seek medical attention right away so there is proof that you were injured after the accident. 

If your doctor initially dismisses the pain, make sure you keep a journal or make notes if the pain gets worse and how it is affecting you daily. And follow up with your doctor again in case they misdiagnosed you the first time. 

You should also keep copies of all medical documents, receipts, and bills that show you continued seeking treatment for your wrist pain. This evidence will help you prove that your wrist or hand was injured in the accident, meaning you should be compensated for it. 

However, it is also possible that your bicycle wrist pain could simply be a minor bruise. And in this case, you might not be able to recover any compensation because not all wrist pain requires medical care. But never make that assumption on your own. Always get checked out by a doctor, just in case. 

What to Do If You Experience Bicycle Wrist Pain or a Hand Injury After an Accident

Again, if you are experiencing bicycle wrist pain or pain anywhere else in your hand after an accident, you should always get checked out by a doctor. Your health and well-being should always be your number one priority. Do not automatically assume that your wrist pain is minor. It could end up being the result of a more severe injury, such as a scaphoid fracture or nerve damage. 

Aside from seeking medical attention, you should also always call the police after a bicycle accident. The driver could try to argue that you were at fault, so you will need to ensure an official police report is filed to back up your claim. 

You can also gather your own evidence at the accident scene if you are not too injured to do so. This can include photos or videos of the scene, the damages, and your injuries. Witness contact information can also help in case any witnesses need to be called upon to give a statement to confirm what happened.

After the accident, it is also beneficial to contact an attorney. If the driver who caused your accident tries to deny fault or the insurance company is not fairly compensating you for your injury, a lawyer can help. 

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