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At Crossen Law Firm, our Indianapolis motorcycle accident attorney is aggressive, effective, and caring. If you have been involved in a motorcycle crash caused by the negligence of another motorist, we can work on your behalf to recover the compensation you deserve.

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Our skilled motorcycle accident lawyer has a multimillion-dollar track record and work on a contingency basis. That means you do not owe us anything unless we win your case. We can help you ensure that the insurance company does not deny your claim or short-change you. Our team can take care of all the paperwork for your claim so you can concentrate on recovering from your injuries.

Recovering Damages for Motorcycle Accidents in Indianapolis

The enjoyment of riding a motorcycle out on the open road can come to a sudden stop when drivers of motor vehicles fail to pay attention as they should. When a car or truck collides with a motorcycle, the bike rider will almost always end up with the worst injuries.

The good news is that motorcyclists can file a claim to recover compensation for the losses they have incurred.

The claim can be based on a variety of damages, including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Physical rehabilitation
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Emotional distress
  • Lost wages
  • Future loss of income
  • Property damage

The amount of compensation you are entitled to will depend upon the circumstances of your crash and the extent of your injuries. Without an experienced personal injury firm on your side, it is very likely that you could receive much less than you deserve.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

While motorcycle accidents can be caused by a wide variety of factors, a large number of collisions are caused by the negligence of other motorists on the roads. Some of the many types of driver error linked to serious motorcycle accidents in Indiana include:

  • Texting while driving
  • Driving while drunk
  • Failing to check blind spots
  • Speeding
  • Running red lights
  • Reckless / aggressive driving

Indiana Motorcycle Accident Statistics

According to data from the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 147 fatal motorcycle accidents occurred in Indiana in 2017 alone, equating to a 47% increase from 2016 as well as a five-year high for the state. Riders between the ages of 55 and 64 had the highest rate of fatality during this time.

Other notable Indiana motorcycle accident statistics:

  • 2,280 motorcycle injuries were reported in Indiana in 2017
  • Fatal and incapacitating collisions involving motorcycles were highest from June to September
  • Most fatal and incapacitating collisions involving motorcycles occurred on weekends
  • 4pm was the most dangerous hour of the day for motorcyclists in 2017, with 8% of injuries occurring during this hour
  • 63.8% of all motorcycle collisions resulted in injury; 4.6% were fatal
  • Motorcycles are involved in less than 2% of traffic collisions in Indiana yet make up 16% of all traffic fatalities
  • Speeding was attributed to 7.8% of motorcycle collisions involving multiple vehicles

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