Client Reviews | Crossen Law Firm

  • Highly Recommend

    I honestly don’t know where to start! Trevor is an exceptionable person, he honestly cares for those he works with and his clients! He has completely changed my mind of how lawyers act! He is a man of integrity and I, especially today on thanksgiving, am thankful I chose his law firm to represent me! I highly recommend that you choose Crossen law firm!! Thank you Trevor for all that you’ve done for me and continue to do!

    - Ben Steiner

  • Thank You

    Trevor and His Team Were a “True Guiding Light” for MY Family & I During a Very Difficult and Emotional Time in Our Lives! Thank You Team Crossen

    - Joe A

  • Injury

    When no one else was there for crossen law firm was. They are great attorneys. I would recommend them to anybody and I would use them again. I had a great experience with them.

    - Codye Hagood

  • Highly Recommend

    I highly recommend Crossen Law Firm. He really cares about his clients and employees.

    - Ariel

  • Helpful and Professional

    Very professional,Mr crossen was very helpful through out by process

    - Mr.Maison

  • Great Firm

    Very professional and straight forward. Follow up is great! Highly recommend this Firm. They get results!

    - Craig C

  • Saved me money

    Trevor was the hero to my case he’s really good at his job and is 100% recommended

    - Miguel

  • Highly recommend

    Gracias por su ayuda señor Trevor usted es un buen Abogago Y muy responsable en su trabajo

    - Ana lopez

  • Quote

    I got all my questions and answers I needed I would definitely recommend him to anyone.

    - Mr.Maison

  • Quote

    I got all my questions and answers I needed I would definitely recommend him to anyone great communication overall.

    - Mr.Maison

  • :)

    Great communication. Trevor is a pleasure to work with! Thank you!!

    - Ally

  • Thanks

    Thanks again I highly recommend.

    - Jarvis Wallace

  • Good communication, great to work with!

    Good communication, great to work with!

    - Nick T

  • Recommend Highly

    Would highly recommend Trevor.

    - Ryan

  • Trevor was a pleasure to speak with!

    Very Responsive! Trevor was a pleasure to speak with! I would definitely recommend !

    - Dustin Eppley

  • You need em

    If you drive a rig and are in an accident Trevor Crossen is who you need. He is an expert when it comes to big truck accidents.

    - Amber K

  • Angel in my life

    Trevor was a angel in my life , he was not only the best lawyer he was a great friend to me to. He took all my stress away and everything he promised me he kept. He took the time to spend with me and made me feel like not only like a client but also a friend. He is a well experienced lawyer and I couldn’t ask for more . Trevor is truly a angel in my life. I thank god for bringing him into my life. Every time I went to the hospital he always made sure to see me and call me to make sure everything was okay. He truly helped and made things better for me especially through this hard part in my life. He truly is the best lawyer I’ve had.

    - Roxanne Vasquez

  • Best lawyer and person

    Trevor took away all my stress and took care of all the legal things that were confusing to me. I completely trusted putting my case in his hands and he offered great advice and spot on estimates for everything! You can tell he really knows what he is talking about and that he’s experienced and respected/revered by other lawyers. He’s very genuine and I could tell he honestly cared about me and my husband. He promised me he could negotiate down my bills and would pay the difference himself if he didn’t reach the impressive goal he quoted me. He negotiated an even better price and fought to get me the best compensation I could for my injury. He made me feel like I was in control of what was going on the entire time and taught me a lot so that I was sure to understand everything going on. He’s a great lawyer and an even better person. I couldn’t be happier with the amazing job he did.

    - Autumn Lawson

  • Friendly, professional, and successful. Would highly recommend

    He really knew what he was doing and made it to where we didn’t have to do anything. He took the situation out of our hands and was there for us every step of the way. He’s great at what he does and he did such a great job for my wife and I and fought to get a settlement she deserved.

    - Dustin Wright

  • He's a life saver.

    Mr. Crossen stopped my old employer from taking advantage of me. They denied my claim knowing I got hurt at work. He told me he ways going to make them pay & they did. I thank God for this man. Trust the process

    - DeAdam Hall

  • Best of the best!

    Trevor Crossen is the best of the best. He is a great communicator. He is aggressive, and he serves his clients well. I highly recommend Crossen Law Firm!

    - Taylor

  • Wet helpful and genuine!

    He was very helpful! Have me great advice And perspectives. I could tell he genuinely cared about me and my well-being. I appreciated his expertise, as he was very knowledgeable. I’d recommend him to anyone needing help from an attorney! Very professional and thorough. Thank you again for the help!

    - Sarah L

  • Attorney Trevor Crossen represented me in a Workman's Comp. injury lawsuit

    I thought Trevor Crossen did a wonderful job with my case, he and his office assistants (Kaitlyn and Lyndsay) where very helpful with all my questions and answered them in a timely manner. He helped me throughout my recovery and therapy during my workman’s comp injury. This was the first time I have ever been in a situation like this and I was very impressed with the way Mr. Crossen handled my case, I would definitely hire him again if needed, and I would highly recommend him for any workman’s comp. or personal injury claims.

    - Robert Stevens

  • Excellent attorney

    Trevor has already gotten one settlement and is working towards another bigger one couldn’t be more happy with all his efforts and work!!!

    - Mike littlejohn

  • Mr Crossen was very knowledgeable and helpful. He helped me with a slip and fall accident I had. I reached out to him and he got right back with me. Great job!

    I reached out to Mr Crossen with some questions about a slip and fall accident I had. He got right back to me and was very eager to answer my questions. He was professional and knowledgeable. I will tell everyone I know about how kind he was and helpful. Thanks again Trevor!

    - Lori Lee

  • Rated 5 star Law Firm

    Crossen Law firm is the best firm around. From the initial call to even after the case is closed they make you feel very welcome, secure and important!! It does not matter if you have a big case or a small case, you are treated with the upmost respect? dignity, pride and treated like family. I would highly recommend this law firm. Lindsey is very knowledgeable, helpful and compassionate!! Lindsey will go the extra mile without a moment’s hesitation. A true asset! Thank you Trevor and Lindsey for all you have done. God Bless.

    - Sandy H.

  • Mr Crossen worked diligently to get me the best settlement!

    I highly recommended the legal services Mr Crossen provided to me after I was assaulted by a high school student in the school corporation where I had been employed for thirty years. Any problem I had, Mr Crossen resolved it with a phone call. I appreciated the time he spent on my case.

    - Cheryl C.

  • He showed relentless pursuit of justice.

    Mr. Crossen was an outstanding lawyer. He showed relentless pursuit of justice. My family and I were very impressed with the service and attention we received and could not of been happier. Trevor is an outgoing worker and is reliable and fair.

    - Eric C.

  • Couldn’t be happier

    I am very happy with Trevor’s help with my claim. He’s very easy to see eye to eye with and work with. He was aggressive fighting for my injury claim and got a great settlement. I would definitely recommend him to anyone that needs a fighting attorney. 5 out of 5. Thank you Trevor. It was nice doing business with you 🙂

    - Bryan Conrad

  • A+ Team

    My husband was injured at a grocery store in Arizona while on vacation. He suffered a shoulder injury and detached retina from the fall. He needed surgery on his shoulder but not one orthopedic surgeon would operate on him because of third party liability (my husband was 70 yrs old at the time). We cut our vacation short and managed to get him home four days after the injury. My daughter and son-in-law reached out to Mr. Crossen and he assured me he would help my husband anyway he could. He did just that. We had mediation in Arizona and I was not out of pocket one dime with those expenses. I believe he treated us as if he would have had we been his parents. Never being involved in anything as such before, I’m thankful Trevor was on our side.

    - Gloria Lambe

  • Office treats their clients like Family

    My spouse suffered a TBI as a result of a slip and fall in 2013. In The few months that followed the accident, I knew my life as I knew it previously was forever changed. So thankful we reached out to Trevor. Trevor’s first wanted to make sure my spouse was getting the proper medical care he needed. Trevor allowed me to update him constantly with my “diary” of how our personal lives were changing. I’m so grateful we had someone like Trevor on my/our side to listen and guide us as to what the next steps would/should be. If you have any doubt, reach out to him. You won’t be sorry!!

    - Laura H

  • I would highly recommend Mr. Crossen to anyone with a personal injury accident.

    Mr. Crossen was clearly concerned with our well being and our needs foremost. As the facts of sexual misconduct were revealed, Mr. Crossen kept us informed on what the best steps were to take without pushing us to chose a certain direction. He explained each court document and why it was necessary and what would take place next. Mr. Crossen is very passionate about justice for his clients. Our case is still ongoing and I would highly recommend Mr. Crossen to anyone with a personal injury accident.

    - Jay

  • Trevor has been understanding and professional during the most difficult situation we have ever been through.

    Trevor Crossen and his team have been excellent to work with since my husband was in an accident. He has been understanding and professional during the most difficult situation we have ever been through. He met with us in the hospital and in our home. He kept us informed. I would use his services again and recommend him to anyone.

    - Sherri

  • Great communication, professional, and honest

    Trevor and his team were always on top of things. He stayed in contact with us as things came up and if we didn’t understand what he was saying or the process, he took the time to walk us through step by step. He was very honest up front and did not make any promises. I would recommend him to anyone in the future.

    - Ray

  • Crossen Law Firm is great to work with!

    Lawyer Trevor Crossen represented me in a Workman’s Comp. injury lawsuit. Mr. Crossen and his staff were great to work with, they were always friendly and very professional. Mr. Crossen and his staff always kept me up to date on my case and were easily able to be reached if I had any questions. I would highly recommend Mr. Crossen for any injury related issues where a Lawyer would be needed and I would not hesitate to contact Mr. Crossen again if my family or I am ever in need of his services.

    - Brett

  • Professional, Experienced, Thorough, Fair

    Trevor represented me after a serious car accident. He was recommended by my uncle and hiring him was the best advice I could have gotten. He was thorough with his research and explanations, quick with court documents and responding to inquires, understanding with my family, and persistent with the defense. On both the personal and professional side of our case, Trevor and his firm excelled and I would highly recommend them to anyone in need.

    - Allen