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Car versus Truck Accidents: What You Should Know

When most drivers head out onto the road, they don’t think about how different types of accidents can affect them. Generally, we all try to avoid accidents because we don’t want to deal with the consequences, but there are some types of vehicles that we should be more wary of than others.

Large semi-trucks and tractor-trailers, for example, are much more dangerous than other passenger vehicles. While a car accident involving two or more passenger vehicles can still be severe, an accident involving a large truck and a smaller vehicle is almost guaranteed to have devastating results.

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident involving a semi-truck can be challenging and traumatizing. Not only will your injuries and damages likely be more severe, but it can be more complicated to file a claim or a lawsuit against commercial trucks as well. For this reason, it is often necessary to work with an experienced personal injury attorney who has experience handling truck accident cases. They will know how best to handle your claim to ensure you get the full amount of compensation you deserve.

The Laws are Different for Commercial Trucks Versus Passenger Vehicles

One crucial difference to note when dealing with a truck accident claim versus a standard car accident claim is that large carrier trucks have very specific regulations and guidelines they must follow to ensure safety compliance. Of course, all drivers must follow the law and rules of the road, but truck drivers have even more strict rules to follow than others.

Some of these regulations enforced by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration include:

  • Hours of Service (HOS): Drivers must adhere to strict HOS regulations to avoid fatigued driving. Unfortunately, many drivers still go over the maximum hours and end up pushing themselves, which can lead to accidents.
  • Cargo Safety: The cargo that truck drivers are transporting must be properly secured. If they fail to secure their shipments properly, it can cause an accident.
  • Hazardous Materials Procedures: The types of things that drivers transport can vary. When cargo includes hazardous materials, they must follow additional safety protocols to avoid an accident that can lead to a spill of the hazardous materials.

While these federal safety regulations are meant to protect truck drivers and others on the road around them, accidents still happen. Though truck drivers can genuinely cause a collision by accident, often, these collisions occur due to drivers failing to abide by truck regulations or because of their employer’s negligence. When these regulations are violated, you can use them as proof of fault when filing your claim or lawsuit.

The Damage and Injuries Following a Truck Accident Are More Severe

Large semi-trucks can weigh thousands of pounds more than smaller passenger vehicles. Even an empty truck without cargo can weigh between 10,000 and 25,000 pounds. For this reason, the damage and injuries that result from being hit by a large truck can be quite severe and devastating.

Many individuals that are involved in an accident with a truck will sustain injuries that are costly to treat. Additionally, the injuries can be so severe that they leave you with permanent impairments. In the most tragic situations, truck accidents can even lead to death. Beyond the physical damage, many people will struggle with emotional distress after being involved in a traumatic truck accident and may even develop symptoms of PTSD.

Truck Accidents Can Involve Multiple Liable Parties

As if the injuries and other damages weren’t challenging enough on their own, filing a claim against a truck driver can be more complicated because there can be multiple liable parties involved. If the driver acted negligently, you could file a claim against them, but in some cases, others could be responsible, including:

  • The truck company
  • The truck owner
  • The truck manufacturer
  • The maintenance crew
  • Third-party vendors

Trying to discover who was actually responsible for the accident that occurred can be challenging in these cases. And even once you discover the negligent party or parties, going up against them in court and proving that they were at fault can be even more of a challenge. Fighting and winning truck accident cases isn’t easy and requires collecting specific evidence that can help support your claim.

Our Indiana Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Win Your Truck Accident Case

At Crossen Law Firm, we understand how difficult and intimidating it can be to go up against a trucking company or other guilty parties involved. Not only that, but truck accidents can leave you with devastating injuries and other damages that can make it more challenging to deal with.

For over 20 years, our team has worked tirelessly to help truck accident victims win their cases and get the compensation they deserve. Let us handle the hard work while you focus on getting the medical care you need to recover.

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