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Dangerous Truck Roads in Indiana Where Truck Accidents Occur

Throughout the state of Indiana, the high volume of truck traffic on its highways can make for dangerous roads. While most commercial truck drivers operate their vehicles safely, the density of trucks on Indiana’s highways and the damage that such large vehicles can inflict make highways dangerous.

Compared to accidents between cars, which typically weigh around 4,000 pounds, accidents between cars and trucks or other large commercial vehicles pose a greater risk for serious injuries. A tractor-trailer might weigh 20 times a car’s average weight. During a collision, drivers and passengers in the much lighter car typically sustain worse injuries.

Statistics reveal that truck accidents, unfortunately, aren’t an aberration. According to data from the Indiana University Public Policy Institute, Indiana experienced 16,550 accidents involving trucks or other large commercial vehicles in 2016. Of these accidents, 126 caused deaths, and 2,182 resulted in injuries. 

Use Caution on Indiana’s Most Dangerous Truck Roads & Highways

Interstate 70, which spans nearly 60 miles between the Illinois state line and the Hendricks County line, has seen more than 500 crashes and several fatalities within the span of only a few years. 

According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) truck accident data spanning 10 years from 2007 to 2016, Putnam County contains the deadliest stretch of I-70, with 10 fatalities between Asherville and Belle Union. On another stretch of road  less than a mile long between New Lisbon and Spring Grove in Wayne County, six fatalities were recorded. 

The Borman Expressway (Interstate 80/94) is one of Indiana’s most traveled and deadliest roadways. Daily, more than a million vehicles use the Borman Expressway. In Lake County, there have been 71 fatalities and another 19 in Porter County along stretches of the expressway, according to the Times of Northwest Indiana

On I-80 in Lake County, NHTSA data recorded six deaths along a two-mile stretch between the 65 interchange and Benton Street. 

Indiana Highway 60 is around 60 miles long, containing a two-lane road that runs through Lawrence County and ends in Sellersburg County. The highway winds through Clark, Lawrence, Orange, and Washington counties. Its high volume of general and commercial truck traffic makes it one of the deadliest & dangerous truck roads in Indiana. 

Interstate 90 is a major highway for truck traffic since it connects the East Coast all the way to the West Coast, stretching through the northern portion of Indiana. Its heavy volume of commercial traffic mixed with travelers and other drivers has made it a hotspot for truck accidents and fatalities. 

Truck Accident Factors

Defensive driving and safe driving on part of a car’s operator can reduce the likelihood of an accident involving a truck. Still, understanding common factors behind truck accidents can help keep you informed and aware. 

After the U.S. Department of Transportation studied nearly 1,000 truck accidents nationwide, its 2007 report found that of the accidents studied:

  • 29% involved brake problems
  • 23% involved speeding
  • 22% involved a driver unfamiliar with the roadways
  • 17% involved a driver under the influence
  • 13% involved fatigue
  • 17% involved distraction 

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