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Brightline Trains Linked to More than 60 Deaths Since 2018

America’s deadliest train is called Brightline, a type of high-speed train that travels up to 79 mph in residential areas. More than 60 deaths and hundreds of injuries have happened due to these trains within the past five years.

The so-called “death train” doesn’t even travel very far. Its main route is between West Palm Beach and Miami, stretching 70 miles north to south along Florida’s east coast.

Despite widespread negative publicity since at least 2018, Brightline train deaths have continued. Paradoxically, during the same period, some public transportation advocates have stepped up their efforts to fund even more fast-moving trains across America.

For example, the High-Speed Rail Coalition has spent millions encouraging unions, businesses, and public servants to add high-speed trains to their urban plans. However, the largest proposed high-speed rail budget in history was recently cut from a U.S. climate bill.

Indiana’s Ongoing Train Death Crisis

While nationwide train deaths have decreased steadily since the 1970s, Indiana is an unfortunate exception. In a single year, Indiana typically has about 120 train collisions, 15 train deaths, and 45 train-related injuries.

You might be surprised to learn that Indiana ranks #5 in the nation for train crossing and collision deaths. One reason is that, unlike many other states, Indiana has a large proportion of unguarded train crossings without safety bars or lights. It would be extremely expensive to upgrade all of these crossings statewide.

The Hoosier state also has many railroad tracks that cross through rural areas and intersect numerous county roads. This puts rural drivers right in the crosshairs of moving trains. It’s often hard to see trains moving through the countryside, particularly if the crossings are overgrown or poorly marked.

Imagine adding dozens more daily trains to these dangerous Hoosier crossings. America’s fastest trains can move between 150 and 220 mph, so a passenger car or pedestrian is no match for a train that passes through like a speeding bullet.

Personal Injury Claims After Train Accidents

Behind every train wreck is an untold story of suffering and pain. The details of these stories are disturbing, but they show the very real consequences of train collisions.

You’d be extremely lucky to survive any of these severe train accidents. The odds of losing your life are especially high if you’re a pedestrian, scooter rider, or motorcyclist whose body is fully exposed to the impact.

After a horrific train accident, an Indiana personal injury lawyer helps an injured victim or the family of the deceased. Your lawyer can explain the legal process, help you weigh your options, gain access to important documents, and secure vital evidence like video footage that supports your case.

Train companies are big organizations with plenty of money and lawyers on their side. They’ll be working hard to avoid paying you as much as you deserve under the law.

Crossen Law Firm is here to represent you by standing up to the train company and anyone else who’s fighting your claim. We understand the devastating impact of a train accident on your life, so our goal is to ease your stress during this difficult time. We’ll offer you a free consultation so you can move forward as quickly as possible.

Train Injuries or Wrongful Death? Call Crossen Law Firm

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