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How Do I Report a Dog Bite in Indianapolis?

A dog bite can be a scary ordeal, especially if it was from a dog you don’t know. While many dog owners have faced small nips from their puppies, a bite from a dog outside of your home can be concerning. In addition to the pain and shock caused by the bite, you may have to worry about whether the dog is up to date on its shots. If the dog bite breaks the skin, you will also need to see a doctor to have it properly assessed and cleaned. Reporting a dog bite is a necessary aspect of your situation, as this can ensure that the dog is properly tracked and no one else is bitten. Below, we’ll outline how and when you should report a dog bite, as well as any necessary steps you need to take after being bitten.

What Should I Do Immediately After Being Bitten?

after a dog bite

After being bitten, be sure to remove yourself from the vicinity of the dog so as not to face any additional injuries. If the bite has not broken skin, assess the area for any damage. Even without breaking skin, the pressure from a dog bite can cause effects such as bruising of the bone or muscle. If you are in any pain, it is best to see a doctor as soon as possible.

If the bite has broken skin, and you are bleeding, try to stop the bleeding and see a medical professional as soon as possible. A doctor can properly clean and dress the wound, to both ensure there is no later infection, check to see if any muscle or nerve damage has occurred, and stop any bleeding. If the dog has not gotten recent shots, or if you are not sure, the doctor will most likely want to give you a preventative rabies shot, as well.

Additionally, you should take photos of the bite. Write down any details about the dog and owner, if you did not know them/did not get their information, to best track them down. Write down any details about how the bite was obtained. For example, was the attack unprovoked or did you try to touch the dog? What time and location did the bite occur? Were there any witnesses to the attack?

How Do I Report the Bite?

In Indianapolis, you are required to report any dog bites within 24 hours to your local health department. If you see a physician, they are also required to report the incident.

Information that you will need for reporting the bite includes:

  • Your name, address, and phone number
  • Date, time, and location where the bite took place
  • Details about the dog such as breed or coloring, size, rabies tag info if you have it
  • A statement about the incident itself

A report is not only essential to protect the community from any other attacks from the dog, but also to show a chain of information about the bite if you wish to make a personal injury claim against the dog’s owners.

Can I Make a Personal Injury Claim for a Dog Bite?

How do I report a dog bite in indianapolis

If you were injured or caused stress by the bite, you can make a personal injury claim against the owner of the animal. While dog bites are rarely fatal, they can cause emotional and physical damage. Bites can lead to infection, nerve or muscle damage, pain, and PTSD after the attack. 

To make the best possible personal injury claim, it’s essential to keep records of any medical care you received as well as the cost of said treatment or examination, a record of reporting the dog bite, and records of any lost time or wages at work. 

Additionally, you should speak to a personal injury lawyer who can help ensure that you have collected all the needed information for your case and put your best foot forward to receive the compensation that you deserve for damages suffered.

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