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Praxis Landmark Recovery Settles with State of Indiana

Praxis Landmark Recovery Settles with State of Indiana

Three rehabilitation facilities in Indiana, previously shut down by the state, may now be able to reopen their doors and regain certification after a settlement was reached between the division of mental health and addiction in the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration and Landmark Recovery. Last year, Landmark had to close its facilities located in Mishawaka, Bluffton, and Carmel when the Indiana Department of Family and Social Services revoked their operational certifications. 

From July 3 to 9, 2023, three individuals passed away during their stay at Praxis Landmark Recovery, a facility with 160 beds exclusively for males, focusing on drug addiction treatment. In addition to these unfortunate deaths, several alarming incidents unfolded at the facility. South Bend authorities documented nine cases of overdose, two instances of rape, one sexual assault, a stabbing, and various other occurrences. Subsequently, the facility took action by terminating senior management positions due to the public outcry.

Ever since the closures, Landmark has vowed to reopen. Under this settlement,  Landmark gains eligibility to reapply for operating licenses for its centers in Carmel, as well as Praxis Treatment in Fort Wayne (previously Bluffton) and Praxis of South Bend (formerly Mishawaka). They can also propose opening additional centers across the state.

The deal stipulates that Landmark may not seek approval for new sites more than once every six months. New facilities will cap at 32 residents, and over the upcoming year, any new centers must present FSSA’s Division of Mental Health and Addiction with biweekly reports confirming adherence to state regulations and Landmark’s own safety protocols.

Additionally, the agreement mandates that  Landmark have adequate staffing levels before increasing patient intake. Should state inspectors identify non-compliance with 10 or more state-mandated corrective measures at any of Landmark’s Indiana locations, the firm will be barred from applying for new certifications until it can verify six months of sustained compliance.

Landmark is authorized to start the recertification process immediately for its Bluffton and Carmel properties but must wait a year before seeking reinstatement for the Mishawaka site.

Fighting for Praxis Landmark Recovery Patients | Crossen Law Firm

While this settlement adds new rules and regulations to Praxis Landmark Recovery, the attorneys at Crossen Law Firm continue to fight for the over hundred patients who have suffered from neglect due to understaffing and hazardous conditions at its facilities. Our law firm is working diligently to get these victims the compensation they deserve. If you have questions about this Praxis Landmark case, call Crossen Law Firm today at 317-401-8626 or contact us online