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What You Need to Know: Bike Accident Insurance Coverage

Would insurance cover your bicycle accident? Many people only become aware of their level of bike accident insurance coverage after a crash has already happened.

Whether you’re already injured or just in need of additional information, here’s how to determine what type of insurance may cover bike accident injuries in Indiana.

What Insurance Covers a Bike Hitting a Car?

Many car insurance companies will cover injured cyclists’ injuries if the accident involves a covered vehicle. Applicable auto insurance for bike accidents often comes from uninsured motorist coverage or personal injury protection in no-fault insurance states.

Automobile Insurance

Indiana, which is an at-fault insurance state, requires all motorists to carry a minimum level of insurance known as 25/50/25 minimum liability coverage. A driver must have a minimum of $25,000 per person in bodily injury coverage plus $50,000 per accident and $25,000 in property damage coverage. A bike vs. car accident would likely be covered, depending on how the policy is written.

Health Insurance

Health insurance is another option in many bike accident cases. If the victim suffers injuries in the accident and needs medical attention, their healthcare coverage could cover costs like an ambulance ride, emergency care, and surgery. However, if they’re uninsured or have medical costs beyond what insurance is willing to pay, this could fall to the at-fault party for payment.

Homeowner’s, Renter’s, or Umbrella Insurance

Homeowner’s or renter’s insurance may apply depending on where the incident occurs. On a covered property, homeowner’s insurance or umbrella insurance could extend to a bike that’s a total loss, vehicle damages, or other property damages.

Why Do I Need Bike Accident Insurance Coverage?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), cyclists account for less than 1% of all travelers on U.S. roads but account for 2% of all traffic deaths. As a cyclist, your body is exposed to the forces of a traffic accident and you can easily be severely injured or killed when your bike collides with another vehicle. Your bike could also be damaged beyond repair.

Bike accident coverage isn’t automatic. There’s no guarantee that you have bike accident insurance coverage unless you’ve specifically pursued a bike accident policy. Any insurance, including auto, homeowner’s, or health insurance, won’t necessarily kick in to cover the costs in all situations. 

When available, bicycle accident insurance coverage often helps cover the most expensive costs associated with accidents. It could eliminate a mountain of medical bills or help you replace your totaled bike, even if other costs aren’t covered.

The right insurance makes it much easier to recover from a bike accident and get your life back on track. Insurance coverage helps lift the burden by lessening the financial impact of the accident so you can focus on your recovery.

Should I Start a Bicycle Car Accident Insurance Claim?

If you’re wondering whether you should start an insurance claim for a bike accident, don’t rely on the insurance company to provide your answer. Before you open a claim or make any statements to an insurance representative, consider speaking to a personal injury lawyer first. 

Unlike an insurance representative, who works to minimize paid claims for an insurance company, a personal injury lawyer’s role is to help you understand the law and assess your options after a bike accident. Your lawyer is on your side and works to advance your best interests. 

By contrast, an insurance company representative may be eager to settle your claim too quickly. They may want you to sign away your right to sue or ask you to agree to accept an agreement that undervalues the total worth of your case

When you’re facing extensive injuries and an extended recovery period after an accident, insurance coverage comes as a welcome relief. You may need to start a bicycle accident insurance claim to claim the compensation you desperately need – but don’t do so until you weigh your options with an experienced bike-vs.-vehicle accident lawyer. 

Questions About Bike Accident Insurance Coverage? Ask Crossen Law Firm

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