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An Amazon Driver Hit My Car, Who Should I Call?

As delivery services become increasingly popular, especially those offered by Amazon, we commonly hear things like “an Amazon driver hit my car” or “Amazon damaged my property.” And while these situations may be frustrating, you may be entitled to compensation that can help you pay for damages, such as property damage or medical bills for injuries.

However, filing a claim against large companies like Amazon is not easy. Though you may be entitled to compensation if an Amazon delivery driver was at fault for the accident, getting Amazon’s insurance to hand over the compensation you deserve is challenging. 

At Crossen Law Firm, our legal team has years of experience handling cases dealing with delivery service accidents, including those involving Amazon drivers. If an Amazon driver hit your car and caused you injuries, we can help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our Indianapolis accident lawyers for assistance. 

How to Report an Amazon Delivery Driver

Amazon does provide a customer service hotline (1-888-280-4331) for those who witness or experience an accident involving one of their drivers. You can also visit this Amazon logistics website for more info about how to report an Amazon driver. 

The number can be called whether you were in an Amazon van accident, an Amazon truck accident, or any other kind of accident with an Amazon delivery vehicle. However, this number is just their general customer service line, meaning you will have to sit through the prompts until you are given the option to speak to a live agent. Once you reach a live agent, you can then report the incident. 

But as is customary with Amazon, they make it very difficult to contact a live person to report an issue. So if you are in an emergency, your best bet is to call 911. 

911 operators will send help immediately, whereas if you call the Amazon number, you will likely be waiting for someone to answer, and even then, they will not send help. The purpose of calling Amazon is simply to report the issue so they can file an incident report. 

An Amazon Truck Hit My Car: Who Do I Call?

Whether you are involved in an accident with an Amazon semi-truck or an Amazon van out making deliveries, your first call should be to the police, especially if it is an emergency and there are injuries. You should not delay by calling the Amazon customer service line as it could take too long to reach a live person, and they will not send help. If help is needed, you should call 911 immediately. 

However, after you have called 911, there are other steps you can take, including calling Amazon to report the incident. These steps are very important as they can help you win your case should you decide to file a compensation claim. 

If an Amazon driver hit your car or you were injured by an Amazon driver in any other way, follow these steps:

  1. Call 911 and make sure the police arrive, and file an official police report. 
  2. Have the police send medical responders if you or anyone else in the accident have injuries.
  3. Exchange information with the Amazon driver. Make sure you get their name, their insurance information (personal or through Amazon), their contact information, and the license plate number for the truck. 
  4. Gather evidence from the accident, such as photos or videos of the accident, the damage to your vehicle, and your injuries.
  5. If there are any witnesses, ask for their contact information so they can give a statement about what they saw, if needed. 
  6. Seek medical treatment. If you did not get treated at the scene of the accident, you should still see your doctor or go to an ER to get checked out. Again, medical documents that prove you were injured will help you win your case. 
  7. Notify your insurance and Amazon of the accident. This is when you can call the Amazon number to report the accident. However, keep in mind that you should avoid admitting fault or saying anything that can be used against you by Amazon to deny your claim. 
  8. Contact a lawyer. If you are concerned about speaking to Amazon yourself, you can let your lawyer handle it. In fact, it’s best if you don’t speak to anyone about the accident before contacting a lawyer. 

How Amazon Accident Claims Work

The issue with claims against Amazon is that most of their drivers are hired as independent contractors. Amazon hires its drivers this way because it is cheaper for them and allows them to get out of taking responsibility for accidents. How your accident claim works will depend on the situation. 

If the driver that hit you was at fault for the accident and they are an official Amazon employee, then you will likely be able to file a claim directly against Amazon. Still, Amazon will likely try to fight this, and recovering compensation from their insurance will not be easy. 

If the Amazon driver that hit you is contracted through another carrier, Amazon will direct you to contact that carrier instead to file a claim. You can find a list of the carriers they work with and the numbers to contact them here

However, if the driver that hit you is an independent contractor for Amazon, then you will have to file a claim with that driver’s insurance company. Unfortunately, many of these drivers only carry the minimum liability coverage on their policy, meaning they might not have enough to cover your damages. If this is the case, you may then need to rely on your own insurance using underinsured (UI) motorist coverage to cover the rest of your expenses. 

The exception is if the driver is employed through Amazon’s Flex driver program. Amazon does provide a commercial auto insurance policy for these drivers. However, the drivers must also carry their own liability insurance. If a Flex driver hits you, you will first file a claim with the driver’s insurance. Once that coverage is exhausted, then Amazon’s commercial policy will kick in and cover the rest. 

Consult an Indianapolis Personal Injury Lawyer

No matter the situation—whether you are filing a claim directly against Amazon, a third-party carrier, or the Amazon driver’s insurance—the situation can be confusing and complex. The best way to ensure you win your case and are fairly compensated is to work with an attorney with experience handling cases involving Amazon delivery drivers.  

At Crossen Law Firm, our team has years of experience fighting for the victims of car accidents, including those involving delivery drivers. We are dedicated to working tirelessly to get you the compensation that you need. 

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