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Can Soft Tissue Damage Be Permanent?

Soft tissue injuries are often considered minor and are also some of the most common types of injuries resulting from a car accident. However, despite what many believe, soft tissue damage injuries can be severe, which leaves people wondering—can soft tissue damage be permanent?

Generally, many damaged tissue injuries can and do heal on their own in time, but this only applies if it is a minor injury. If the soft tissue damage is more extensive, it can take a lot longer to heal, and yes, in some cases, the soft tissue damage might even be permanent.

No matter the case, if you are suffering from a soft tissue damage injury after a car accident in Indiana, the Crossen Law Firm can help. We can evaluate your case and the severity of your soft tissue injury and help you file your claim to ensure you are adequately compensated.

What is Soft Tissue Damage?

Your soft tissues are the muscles, ligaments, and tendons that make up your body. Thus, soft tissue damage occurs when any of these parts of the body are injured. The most obvious sign that your soft tissue is damaged is some pain, swelling, and bruising at the site of the injury. However, some soft tissue damage injuries can be more severe and cause more than just a little pain and bruising.

Some of the most common types of soft tissue damage injuries that occur in car accidents include:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Whiplash (damage to the soft tissues in the neck)
  • Contusions (bruising)

When Soft Tissue Damage Doesn’t Heal

While sprains or strains are two of the most common types of soft tissue injuries that occur when the tissues are stretched slightly beyond their range of motion, more severe, and even permanent soft tissue damage can occur when the tissue is stretched so far that it tears or ruptures.

When this happens, the damaged tissue will likely require surgery. But even after surgery is performed, there is no guarantee that the damaged tissue will ever be the same.

When the tissue damage is minor, it can more easily heal and revert back to its original “form.” But when the damage is extensive, even with surgery, there will often be some leftover scarring or other abnormalities in the tissue that will never go away. This can result in lifelong pain, discomfort, and loss of range of motion in the affected area.

Soft tissue damage in the neck, for example, can be quite problematic. Severe whiplash can result in lifelong pain and discomfort in the neck area, which can become debilitating for some.

Recovering Compensation for a Permanent Soft Tissue Damage Injury

Though soft tissue damage can be permanent and severe, these injuries are often still undervalued by insurance companies when claims are filed after accidents. This is why it is necessary to work with an attorney after experiencing a soft tissue injury.

The more evidence you can gather to prove the extent of your soft tissue injury, the better—and your attorney can help with this. They can guide you through the claim process and help you understand everything you need to do and all the evidence you need to collect and provide so that the insurance company will not undervalue your claim.

Injury journals, for example, can be beneficial in these cases as they can document your daily struggles and the pain you are experiencing due to the soft tissue damage injury. Your attorney can also help you gather evidence such as witness statements, medical documents, doctor statements, and more to help prove what happened and how badly you were injured.

Overall, the goal with a soft tissue injury should be to build a strong case with significant supporting evidence, as this will ensure you are awarded the compensation you need and deserve to help pay for your medical bills and other damages suffered as a result of the accident and your injury.

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