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Common Summertime Injuries

Summertime in Indiana means long, sunny days, plenty of hot weather, and time spent in the pool or at the lake. Unfortunately, it also means that Emergency Departments end up treating the summertime injuries that accompany such nice weather. Take care to avoid these common summertime injuries that can derail the whole season, and even change your life forever.

Heat-Related Illnesses & Injuries

Indiana is hot in the summer. It’s not uncommon to see numerous days that cross the threshold of 100 degrees.

Heat-related illnesses include heat cramps, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke. The CDC reports that every year, over 600 people in the US die from heat-related illnesses. That’s far more than those who die in any other weather-related disasters, such as tornadoes or floods.

Symptoms of the heat include nausea, dizziness, headaches, drowsiness, and feeling overheated. Dehydration increases the risk of heat stroke and heat exhaustion, so always drink plenty of water.

If you don’t have access to air conditioning during a heat wave, look into cooling centers provided by your town or city. When in doubt, seek medical attention if you believe you are suffering from a heat-related ailment.

Sun Damage

Sunburns range from minor to severe, but any long-term sun exposure can increase your risk of skin cancer and sun damage.

Wear sunscreen and apply it multiple times throughout the day if you spend time outside. Don’t forget to re-apply, especially if you are in or on the water.

If you get a sunburn, you can use aloe, sunburn cream, and over-the-counter pain relievers to manage the pain as you recover.

Severe blistering or burning may need treatment by a medical professional. Watch out for sunburns, sun rashes, and sun poisoning, any of which are much more likely to occur in the summertime.

Head Injuries

Head injuries from falls, stunts, or high-risk recreational activities can be avoided by taking precautions like wearing a helmet and obeying safety rules.

Wear appropriate protective gear while playing summer sports, which include swimming, diving, football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. If your sport does not require protective headwear, follow all appropriate safety guidelines.

Children and teenagers often need to be reminded of the importance of wearing a helmet while cycling, riding go-karts, or driving ATVs.

Head trauma can have tragic implications, and protecting your skull and brain from potential injury is crucial.

Broken Bones

Like head trauma, broken bones are often the result of people being more active in the summertime.

Be sure to take all appropriate precautions while playing sports or enjoying the outdoors. If you go hiking, use the buddy system and always let someone know where you are going in case of a fall or injury.

Water-Related Injuries & Drowning

Drowning is a tragic event that affects numerous Hoosiers every year. Tragically, drowning is the leading cause of death in children. Parents must keep an eye on their children while they are swimming in a pool, at the lake, or a water park.

Swimming is a wonderful recreational activity, but it comes with big risks. Even if someone doesn’t pass from drowning, they can experience major complications related to oxygen deprivation or the aspiration of water.

Car Accidents

Even though car accidents occur all year long, there is an increase in traffic accident fatalities every summer compared to in the winter. Winter has its driving risks, like ice and snow, but there are simply more cars on the road in the summer. More people spend time in the car in the summer as they travel to and from vacations, camps, and other summer activities.

Determining Fault After An Accident

After an accident–especially a car accident–you may need to seek legal guidance regarding who was at fault for the incident.

If the accident involves an insurance claim, medical treatment, or ongoing pain and suffering, an experienced personal injury lawyer will provide advice and guidance as you navigate bills, lawsuits, and compensation claims.

When it comes to car accidents, Indiana has a fault-based insurance structure. This means that any victim of a car accident must receive financial compensation from the insurer of the at-fault party.

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