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Burn Injuries from a Car Accident: A Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help.

Burn injuries resulting from Indiana car accidents can cause severe damage to the skin and may have long-lasting physical and psychological effects on victims. These injuries can range from minor burns to life-threatening ones that require extensive medical attention and rehabilitation. The recovery process can be complicated and can result in costly medical bills and lost wages, making it essential to seek legal advice from an experienced burn injury law firm. Read on to learn more about how a lawyer can help during your recovery from a burn injury from a car accident.

Levels of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries resulting from a car accident can have different degrees of severity, depending on the extent of damage to the skin.

  • First-degree burns affect only the top layer of skin and are characterized by redness and dryness. 
  • Second-degree burns cause blistering and thickening of the skin, and skin grafting may be necessary to repair the wounds. 
  • Third-degree burns affect the entire thickness of the skin and can have a whitish, leathery appearance. 
  • Fourth-degree burns extend beyond the skin and into muscles, tendons, and bones, and they can be fatal.

Burn injuries extend beyond the burns themselves. Several complications can arise during recovery.

Types of Car Accident Burn Injuries

The most common types of car accident burn injuries include:

  • Scalds 
  • Flash burns 
  • Chemical burns 
  • Electrical burns 
  • Friction burns
  • Thermal burns
  • Smoke inhalation burns

It is essential to seek medical attention immediately after a burn injury in a car accident to avoid serious complications and ensure the best possible outcome. You may also benefit from contacting an Indianapolis burn injuries lawyer. It is essential to receive a full medical evaluation by qualified emergency doctors after a fiery car accident, even if the injuries seem minor, to identify unseen injuries such as smoke inhalation or chemical exposure. Treatment options include burn creams and ointments, bandaging, antibiotics, skin grafts, plastic surgery, and intubation for severe burns.

Complications during burn injury recovery are common and can include:

Car Accident Burn Injury Statistics

While car crashes are not a leading cause of burn injuries, occupants can suffer severe burns and lung damage from smoke inhalation if they are trapped in a burning car following a crash. Nearly half a million Americans receive emergency treatment for burn injuries each year, and over 3,000 people die from fire or smoke inhalation, with vehicle crash fires accounting for about 10 percent of all deaths by fire in 2016.

The U.S. Fire Administration estimates that there are about 170,000 vehicle fires each year, with fuel tank ignition being the top reason for fires and explosions after car accidents. Cars are at risk of catching on fire because they carry flammable fuel that can leak and ignite if exposed to a heat source, and fuel tanks can rupture and explode in a violent crash. Even newer electric vehicles equipped with batteries can catch fire when punctured in a collision. Therefore, if involved in a car crash, occupants should get out of the vehicle and get as far away as possible if they can.

Car accidents that result in burn injuries are rare but devastating for victims. Burn injuries are among the most expensive types of injuries to treat in hospital emergency rooms and surgical centers, with costs ranging from $200,000 to $1 million for severe cases. Burn patients require procedures such as skin grafts, scar treatment, plastic surgery, and physical rehabilitation sessions to restore mobility. 

Victims of car accident burn injuries can file a car accident claim to cover a wide range of damages, including hospital bills, surgery, rehabilitation, lost wages, diminished earning capacity, and compensation for pain and suffering

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