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It’s Not Just a Winter Hazard. Watch Out for Summer Slip and Fall Accidents

People are often cautious as they walk in icy weather, as nobody wants to slip, fall, and deal with subsequent injuries. The idea of a summertime slip and fall may take you by surprise, but falls happen all year around.

Certain activities that many of us do in the summer increase our chances of being injured in a slip and fall accident. The injuries associated with a slip and fall are the same, regardless of when the fall takes place.

If you were injured in a fall because of someone’s negligence or recklessness, seek the assistance of the Crossen Law Firm, Indianapolis’s premier personal injury attorneys.

Summertime Activities and Slip and Fall Accidents

Even though a slip and fall can take place anywhere, some situations make these accidents more likely to occur. Let’s take a look at some of the most common summertime activities that lead to falls.

Amusement Parks and Water Parks

Millions of families visit amusement parks and water parks every summer in the US. You may spend your summer days at an amusement park near your home or you may travel to a park for a special vacation.

Regardless of whether you’re close to home or far away, there are risks associated with visiting these popular vacation spots. You may have already considered the risks of riding roller coasters, spending all day in the sun, and being in a crowd, but a slip and fall is probably the last thing on your mind when you’re preparing for a theme park visit.

Unfortunately, amusement and water parks are frequent locations for slips and falls. You can reduce your risk of injury by always wearing appropriate footwear and following the posted safety rules.

  • Flip flops are common footwear for most during the warmer months. While these are a comfortable option to keep cool, they can be dangerous. The thin soles can catch on the ground and cause you to trip or the bottoms can become slick when exposed to water and make you slip. Closed-toed shoes are a safer choice when enjoying a day near the pool or other bodies of water.

If you fall because of poor signage, negligent cleaning practices, uneven pavement, or someone’s inappropriate behavior, reaching out to a slip and fall accident attorney can help you determine what your next steps should be.


Unfortunately, people are injured every year in falls that take place at shopping centers. Employees forget to put up “wet floor” signs after cleaning, customers spill things and don’t tell anyone, and visitors track in water on rainy days.

Parking lots are another issue. A parking lot that is uncared for can be a fall hazard thanks to potholes, loose gravel, pavement cracks, and unpainted curbs and steps.

Summertime includes activities that extend into the evening hours. Even with longer days and later sunsets, you may find yourself outdoors past dark. Shopping centers must have adequate lighting to protect patrons from slipping and falling because of unseen obstacles. A fall in the dark could be grounds for a slip and fall accident case against a property owner.

Going Swimming at a Public or Private Pool

Swimming is already a high-risk behavior, especially for young children. If you take your children to a pool, please watch them carefully and obey all lifeguards and posted instructions. Use flotation devices and life jackets as they are intended.

Swimming pools are surrounded by hard surfaces that get wet from splashing and playing. A fall at a pool may lead to a serious fall onto unforgiving pavement or tile. You may suffer from broken bones, fractures, facial injuries, head injuries, or even possible drowning.

Boats and Docks

Fiberglass on the outside of a boat is designed to glide across the water. Unfortunately, this means that your feet can also glide across the boat, causing you to fall and injure yourself on the deck or fall into the water.

Just as slippery as the deck of the boat is the boating dock. When boarding or unboarding, always be sure to stabilize yourself with a rail or other handhold to prevent falling and injuring yourself on the dock.

Slip and Fall Accident Statistics

A fall can be minor, with nothing more than a bruise, or can be incredibly serious. Some falls are even fatal. The complications of slip and fall injuries are dependent on factors like the person’s age and health, as well as the distance of the fall.

Here are some startling statistics about the frequency of slip and fall accidents:

These are some of the injuries that are commonly associated with slip and fall accidents:

What to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Crossen Law Firm has helped so many people in the Indianapolis area after they have been injured in a fall. If your slip and fall was someone else’s fault, you are likely to be able to recover compensation via a personal injury claim. Be sure to document all of your medical costs, records of missed work, and other out-of-pocket spending related to your fall.

Don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer who can help you recover these costs and anything else you are owed. Our role involves communicating with the property owner about the injury and your claim, investigating all available documentation related to your fall, and demanding access to any relevant public records.

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