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Why Should You Hire the Crossen Law Firm?

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident is difficult enough without having to also worry about navigating insurance claims and getting fair compensation. At Crossen Law Firm, we understand how traumatizing these situations can be and have decades of experience to help you effectively plead your case. Our team will fight aggressively for your cause because we truly care about our clients and help them receive the full settlement that they deserve.

Proven Experience Fighting for the Indianapolis Community

So what sets us apart from the competition? First, look at our track record. Our firm has represented personal injury victims not just for the Indianapolis community but all across the country as well. We have tried cases and represented clients in several states, including Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, and Illinois, in addition to Indiana.

With nearly 30 years of experience, our team knows what it takes to get our clients the compensation needed to help them recover with peace of mind. It’s crucial to hire a firm that is an advocate for your rights, and at Crossen Law Firm, we’ll do just that. From auto accident injuries, or harm sustained from a defective product, to being injured on unsafe property or at a place of business — no matter where the accident took place, our team can help you build a solid case to win you a fair settlement.

A Quality Team with a Collective Approach

The second factor that sets Crossen Law Firm apart is our exceptionally talented team. With experience from schools like Princeton and Indiana University, we are surrounded by bright, up-and-coming lawyers from all across the state of Indiana. Our support staff as well is full of talented individuals that have been working with us for over two decades.

At Crossen Law Firm, you aren’t just a number. Every client matters, and we believe in helping our clients by utilizing a collective approach. The success of our firm, as well as our clients, is not dependent on one single individual. It’s a group effort, and we are all here to support our clients with everything they need to ensure they receive the best representation possible.

A Personal Injury Attorney That Works for You

The most important factor to consider when hiring us is that you will get to communicate personally with a lawyer. This is not always the case with every firm. Some clients can go through the whole process without ever meeting the lawyer assigned to their case. But at Crossen Law Firm, Trever Crossen is constantly in communication with his clients via email, phone, and even text. He understands the importance of meeting a client’s needs and helping them feel comfortable by keeping the lines of communication open in whichever way works best for them.

Having attended Princeton University in 1991 and received his J.D from the Indiana School of Law in 1995, Trevor Crossen has decades of experience. He is a member of several associations, including the prestigious American Sagamore Inn of Court, has earned a 10.0 Superb Avvo Rating among Super Lawyers® since 2009, and was recently selected as one of the top 100 trial attorneys in Indiana. When it comes to fighting for his clients, Mr. Crossen has the experience and the knowledge to protect their interests and get them the best settlement possible.

The Crossen Law Firm Difference

At Crossen Law Firm, our entire team works together to make the process of planning for your case go as smoothly as possible. We believe in a personalized approach that focuses on open communication between you and your lawyer to help you feel at ease along the way. With decades of experience and a team that is truly invested in fighting for your cause, Crossen Law Firm is one of the best you can hire to represent you and your interests.

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Video Transcript

Why should you hire the Crossen Law Firm? There’s several reasons why you should hire the Crossen Law Firm. First, look at our track record. We’ve represented injured victims across Indiana and across the country for almost 30 years. The Crossen Law Firm has tried cases in other states, and represented people in other states including Florida, Texas, New Mexico, Ohio, Illinois and of course Indiana. It’s extremely important to hire a firm that is an advocate for your rights. And at the Crossen Law Firm, we’ll do that no matter where that accident took place.

The second important factor in determining and hiring the Crossen Law Firm, is look at their educational background. I went to Princeton University, and played football at Princeton University. I did my legal studies at Indiana University. We are surrounded by bright, up and coming lawyers and stars all across the state of Indiana. We also have a bright, support staff that has been working with me for over two decades. But probably the most important factor in hiring Crossen Law Firm is you will communicate with a lawyer. I am constantly communicating with my client’s whether that be via email, via text, on the telephone whatever your preference is for communicating with my law firm.

I spoke with a gentleman this morning. He said, “Trevor, I prefer to text, I don’t like to email and I don’t like to talk on the phone.” I said, “That’s perfectly fine. We like to text, we’re all paperless at the Crossen Law Firm, so we’re all electronic communications. Any communications we have, we can then drop into your file electronically and we have a record of our communications with you.” It’s also really important to make sure that you’re comfortable with the person that you hire. Many times you’ll talk to firms and you’ll never even meet the lawyer that is on your file. Or you’ll never even meet the lawyer that is on the sign outside of his or her office. Ask to speak to the owner of the law firm when you’re making a determination on what law firm to hire. I can guarantee that you’ll speak to Trevor Crossen at the Crossen Law Firm.